As we start the New Year, we make resolutions, promises to ourselves of how we will be better people. Resolutions of improvements. I won’t drink, I won’t smoke, I won’t eat chocolate, or promises of what we will do… I will lose weight, I will get fit, I will work harder, earn more, keep the house cleaner. So we try, and the first couple of weeks we are obsessed. We can’t stop focusing on the fact we aren’t drinking… eating no chocolate at night. We do our sit ups and clean the house. Soon, we become complacent, it won’t hurt to have one chocolate biscuit… just a couple of beers as a friend is here…. life becomes busy and routine steps back in. Resolutions are broken and soon forgotten. We failed. It is almost as if each year we set ourselves up for failure. Then we feel bad about ourselves which in turn increases  the negative habits. e.g. Eating even more chocolate to comfort ourselves.
Most of us can’t even remember our resolutions from previous years. So instead of a Resolution, this year I have decided to put two words in front of my sentences… two words in front of my goals…. I CAN.
I can. I can choose to drink less. I can lose weight. I can get fit. I can keep the house cleaner. I can make more time for me. I can write a blog. I can surf. I can ride a motorbike, take a holiday, rediscover myself. I may not do all of these things all the time but I can do them.
I can speak the truth. I can say what I believe. I can be myself. I can do all the things people said I can’t. I can…

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