Of course, I have bags under my eyes from years with no sleep, I have wrinkles from age and deep worry lines. Yet here I am nearing 50 and I look in the mirror and my skin looks young, smooth, silky and shiny. I’ve never had a “skin routine” or facial (lets be realistic raising three on your own, two with special needs and medical conditions, I certainly didn’t have the time, patience or money.) So, why is my child with special needs responsible for the welfare of my skin? How do you have beautiful skin when you have no time, its the lowest priority on your list and you have children with special needs?

The answer.
When my son was young every time he would have a melt down, every time I felt I couldn’t cope, every time I needed to cry my heart out, every time I was overwhelmed by what my life had become. I would go into my bathroom, look in the mirror, take out my little pot of moisturiser and start to rub it into my skin. Slowly I would massage away the pain. First across the forehead, then under the eyes, stroking the cascading tears from my cheeks. I would breath and soothe my heart. Eventually, when all the moisturiser was absorbed, when I was calm, with my skin shining, I would force myself to smile in the mirror. Speaking to my reflection I would say “you can do this” and return to the mayhem awaiting me.

Some weeks I would go through pots and pots of moisturiser and my skin would almost break out like a teenager, yes, they were the difficult times. Other nights, I would lie in bed and my skin would be dry and that was how I knew it had been a great day.

The years have passed and I see my friends having botox and plastic surgery to fix their sagging, wrinkly skin, I smile to myself and think well aren’t I lucky to have a child with special needs who made me moisturise so much that now my skin shines.

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