I can talk, boy, can I talk. I talk and talk and talk. So if you would like me to talk at your next function, talk to me. I can talk about anything fun. I can talk about changing your life. I can talk about motivation. In fact, didn’t you know I am the expert on anything (and everything), so tell me the topic of your seminar/conference and I will talk…and talk…and talk…

Oh, I love to eat and drink too, so believe me I am the perfect dinner guest.


Will I write and endorse your product? Well, that depends..Is your product something fun? I will happily review anything related to fun. In fact I would love to. It can be fun clothes, fn shoes, fun activities, fun places or something to enhance fun. An example: I would definitely review and keep a free 4wd, especially if it was a Toyota Landcruiser Troop carrier with a camper conversion that sleeps 3 people. Believe me then I would blog, Facebook and instagram all my fantastic adventures – imagine the advertising. (Ok, one of my secret aims of this blog is to receive a free 4wd any type would do– you have to put it out there and dream big!!!)

If it isn’t a free 4wd..well..I will consider it BUT I will always declare that I have received the product free. I will also only review products that are relevant to my readers that is related to fun, experience or adventure. I will not accept payment (compensation or even bribery) to make a product sound great. A little cheeky request, if you send me a product to review please include a free one that can be used as a giveaway.


Will I sell my soul to advertising? Will my ethics prevent me from monetizing? Mmmm. Let me think for a moment. Answer to the first question is Yes, I will sell my soul – but only to products that reflect the nature of Sprinkles of Life that is Fun. So no, my ethics won’t stop me. Hey, don’t judge me, I would like to keep it pure but life is expensive and I may actually have to buy my 4wd camper. So, if you would like to advertise on my social media platforms. Contact me.

Want to know more? Great, contact me!!



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