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A few years ago, I was a single, overweight, middle aged woman with three fat Caesar scars, boobs that hang down to the ground from years of breast feeding, living in inner city Melbourne. I had an ex-husband, one hundred percent care of my three children (one with Autism and one with chronic asthma), a house, an assistance dog who had more anxiety than my child and a neurotic cat that wouldn’t walk through doors. I wore black oversized clothes. I worked, ran a business, studied, sat on “important” reference groups, was a speaker at conferences, tried to date appropriate men, drank pinot gris and too much coffee, laughed at the crazy life I was living and pretended to be happy.

Some in this situation (if there are others) would take to meditation or perhaps even medication. I decided to have an amazing midlife crisis. On holidays (if you can call it that alone, with three children) I met a man who reminded me that life should be fun. I dreamt of travelling to Italy, India and Indonesia to find myself again – however instead ended up in the back of Nambour (a small town in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast of Australia with high unemployment and low socio-economic demographics.) So, here I am, discovering fun, wearing “Daisy Duke” shorts, flannelette shirts and bikinis (I lost 10kilos), surfing, motorbike riding (it is a midlife crisis after all), going out with a man others would deem highly inappropriate, drinking beer and still too much coffee and whilst not other peoples dream, I have found fun and happiness.


I am called Sprinkles (and no, it is not because I pee a lot.) One night we were out for dinner, every dessert was served with sprinkles. My “friend/boyfriend” (I would call him my partner but if he ever read this that would be the end of our relationship. He would freak out, delete my number from his phone and never speak to me again – not that he has commitment issues!) turns to me and says, “You are like sprinkles – you bring a little bit of joy to everybody’s plate.” Perhaps the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. So the name stuck and I became known as Sprinkles.

Sprinkles of Life is about that, finding the little bit of joy in life. Finding fun and happiness in an all to serious world. The blog is also about sprinkles of life, not the whole story, just tiny speckles of colour, fun and joy. So remember, have fun and add some Sprinkles to your life.
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