My name is Sophie Cole (otherwise known as Sprinkles).

FreedomI am a single mother of three premature babies, two with special needs and two with medical issues. I studied, taught and speak about the reality of raising special needs children. This site is for the mothers. In the whirlwind of life, managing the grief, loss and stress of raising my children, I lost me. I became just a carer, just a mother. I lost myself, my fun, my life. I just existed. So this is for all the “special needs” mothers, mothers of premature babies, mothers of children with medical conditions, or mothers who are struggling, to remind them that this is their life too. There will be strategies, tips and discussions on how to find time, find happiness and to live your own life in your journey with your children. It is a place on no judgement, just inspiration, hope, joy and fun especially in the dark days. So join me on the journey.

The name – Sprinkles of Life

My nickname is Sprinkles. My partner once said “You are like Sprinkles, you bring a little bit of joy to everybody’s plate.” So this group is to bring a little bit of joy to everybody’s lives.  My logo of coloured sprinkles represents not only joy, but the multicolours of the Autism Spectrum.

Previous Employment

* Teacher of the Diploma of Disability; Cert 1V in Disability, Aged Care, Home and Community Care.
* 4 years sitting on the Victorian Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Commission Disability Reference Group.
* Policy officer for Children with Disability Australia
* Community Education Speaker and Parent Support worker for the Association for Children with a Disability
* Facilitator of Overcoming the Barriers Workshops for the Cancer Council

Speaker at conferences such as:

Childhood Australia State Conference,
Early Childhood Intervention Australia State Conference,
Strong Foundations for Early Childhood Conference,
Noahs Ark Early Intervention State Conference,
Kindergarten Parents Victoria,
Australia and New Zealand Pediatric Dental Conference,
Catholic Education Office Professional Development Programs etc.

* I am available to speak at your next meeting, lunch, dinner or conference.


Diploma of Disability (all High Distinctions), Cert 1V in Training and Assessment

Disability related courses: One Person at a Time (individualised planning), Family Violence and Risk Assessment, Connecting Practice to Outcomes, Signpost Facilitator Training in Behavioural Management, Tony Atwood Conferences, Parent to Parent Training, ABIA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Makaton Sign Language.